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Blog Posts

10 Ways to a Truly Green Office
Businesses today are seeking to remain eco-friendly like never before. Getting rid of the old ideas and adapting those that are newer and fresher, ensures that they are able to get a green office that is reasonable and functional. With all the various initiatives and benefits of a greener office, why not join in and [...]

10 Old Professions in High Demand
In this negative economic climate with high unemployment rates, there are still several professions that are still in high demand. The greatest majority of these high demand jobs are in construction related trades but there also great needs in the medical field. In general, teachers are not in great demand but there are a couple [...]

10 Reasons to Decorate the Office for Xmas
To decorate or to not decorate… it’s actually one of those politically charged issues that come up in office meetings all around the World.  It used to be a no-brainer, you just did it period.  Now, we have to be careful to not offend people so it can be a challenge to find the right [...]

10 Worst Layoffs of 2010
Layoffs are never pretty, and for the employees involved, they can be downright devastating. Most employees aren’t represented by a union that can fight for their rights, while those who are only find themselves frustrated at the ridiculous retirement plans that are laid out for them. In most cases, these employees can even begin to [...]

10 Good Excuses to Miss Work
Missing work is too many times is frowned upon, but there are times when you can just want to forget all your worries and take the risk of losing your job, or at least get a demerit to your work record with your employer. There are many people that use these 10 good excuses to [...]

10 Common Things Employees Steal from Work
Nobody may want to admit it, but nearly every employee in the world has stolen at least one thing from work, but not something so substantial that it would make a big difference. Due to the fact that the items are seen as so unimportant, employees often feel as if it is okay to take [...]

10 Awkward Office Holiday Party Ideas
No one ever said that holiday office parties couldn’t be a bit awkward, whether they are planned to be awkward or just end up leaving everyone a bit uncomfortable. There are several reasons why the holiday office party is so popular, mainly because everyone is waiting to get that free day at work where they [...]

10 Reasons Most Job Boards Are Terrible
While job boards advertise millions of jobs in your area, the sad truth is that most of them are showing just otherwise. Job boards of today are no longer adequate to meet needs of job seekers, and although they offer great features, it proves to be not enough. While job seekers are searching these job [...]

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